Bob Knowles

Bob Knowles, Sculptor, Artist and Teacher

My work is mostly in stone, steel and wood and also bronze. I tend to work in themes such as animals specifically birds and hares and latterly dogs. Figurative work also is a regular theme as are more abstract ideas. I have recently finished a commission for a local school, a red kite as shown. In January I did an installation in the gallery. Other exhibitions I am involved in this year include one on Hounds with two other artists in the collective and one on the theme of Jewellery. I will also be in Oswestry library in March in an exhibition on Text and following that a collaborative show on space in April. I will also be doing BVA Open Studios in June in my studio in Cambrian Buildings close to the gallery!

I am currently working on a number of themes but am especially interested in the found object at the moment. I am modifying found wooden forms as little as possible to suggest other things. It is intriguing to find out how much or how little is needed to infer things that suggest themselves in found objects.

You can also find me at

Bob Knowles MA
Sculptor and teacher
Cambrian Buildings
Coney Green
SY11 2JL


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