Calendar of Exhibitions

January 4th – 28th

WORKSHOP with Bob Knowles and Graham Cox

February 1st – March 3rd

Printer Jood Gough and Sculptor Jas Davidson try new ways of working.

March 7th – 31st

GLASS ARTIST Sandra Balmer‘s Debut Solo Exhibition

There will also be pieces from other members of the collective as a separate exhibition

April 4th – 28th 

Neil Higson (Guest Artist)

Neil Higson is a landscape architect turned artist. The exhibition includes illustrations of several of his land art projects including a cathedral of trees and a grouping marking the southernmost point of Wales.

Recent pictorial works take a whimsical look at human relationships and characters, and include a series of exploratory sketches for a variety of land art and waste wood subjects.

May – 

Amy Sterly (Guest Artist)

Steamroller Printing Day – 5th May – all welcome


Roller Printing!

Amy Sterly was born in Elgin, Illinois and lived in and around Chicago until 1989, when she moved to Britain. She has worked as a printmaker and sculptor since then and has exhibited widely throughout UK, Europe and the US.  She now lives in Llanfair Caereinion, and she has recently been working on large scale woodcuts which look at local buildings and presents them in a contemporary context with comic and pop art references.  The new work presented in this exhibition also comments on the cynical nature of the property market of rural Wales.  

 “buildings, like music, register and amplify the emotions of our times.“ Alvar Aalto – Finnish architect

We will also be putting on a steamroller printing day for anyone to take part in.  People can bring their own plates to print, or we will be creating large relief prints on the day.  Fun for all ages!

* * *

Group Show – 6th June – 8th July

* * *

Freedom of the Mark – 11th July – 4th August

(Janie McLoed and Gill Crozier)

* * *

Differing Dimensions – 8th August – 1st Sept

(Tony Roberts and Des Jones)

* * *

Knitting! – 5th Sept – 29th Sept

* * *

Hounds – 3rd Oct – 3rd Nov

* * *


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